Please Don’t:


  • Don’t bring any glitter or small plastic stickers like fake jewels that could fall off. Any microplastic items are banned.
  • Don’t leave any garbage on site. Find the different garbage bins found on site and place your rubbish correctly.
  • Don’t drop cigarette butts (or anything!) There will be ashtrays available near recycling and garbage areas or use a pocket ashtray.
  • Don’t disrespect the ocean and river, we encourage people to use biodegradable sunscreen only.
  • Don’t bring any single use plastic items.
  • Don’t leave your luggage open once in Mexico, always zip it up to prevent scorpions or other creatures from getting into your clothing or personal items.

Please DO:


  • Do be respectful to the land and kind to the locals.
  • Do learn Spanish. (if you like)
  • Do bring your costumes and cool outfits.
  • Do bring decorations for your camp if you’re camping.
  • Do remember your sustainability manners.
  • Do bring reusable drinking containers and eating utensils.
  • Do put on your best smile, be in your heart and be ready to dance and meet new likeminded people.

See below for a complete list of what to bring.




☞ A reusable cup for drinks. We will have a deposit charge for the cups at the bars.

☞ A reusable water bottle. we will have water fountains TO refill your bottle on site.

☞ Flashlights

☞ Comfortable dancing shoes

☞ Sandals

☞ Camping gear if you’re willing to camp

☞ Mosquito repellent

☞ Biodegradable sunscreen

☞ Bathing suitS

☞ Comfortable and fresh clothes

☞ Warmer clothes for the night time

☞ Cash